Work as Worship 1-Day Retreat

On February 23, join thousands of business leaders across the country for a full 1-day retreat to hear from experts, be encouraged, and discuss how to connect your faith and work.  You can attend or you can even bring your whole team.
For questions or more information on the Work as Worship Retreat, please contact Zach Tomlinson at Emmanuel Baptist Church. You can call him at (903) 856-3411 or click HERE to send Zach a message.


What are the event details?

When: Friday, February, 23, 2018 - 7:30am - 2:30pm
Who: Business people from our community
What: A day of interacting with local Christian business leaders and participating in a nation wide simulcast.  We will be hearing great sessions from some of the nations best business minds and Christian speakers.
Where: Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pittsburg, Texas
Cost: $25 per person.  This cost covers your lunch, conference material as well as other snacks and resources available that day.

Why work as worship?

Imagine spending a day at your church interacting with, praying with, and encouraging fellow business leaders. The Work as Worship Retreat is a chance to interact with other Christian men and women who lead businesses in your community. In addition, you will hear rich content with biblical teaching and practical advice from seasoned Christian speakers.

Be encouraged. Be challenged. Be filled.


Work as Worship - Speaker Line up for 2018